Packing Tips

While packing fragile items, make sure you mention “FRAGILE” on the box.

When you are packing lampshades, make sure you only place two or three per box, while using plain white paper as a lining between them. While packing clothes, make sure you do not use garment bags as these cannot stand the pressures of moving. Leave the clothes in the drawers (If the drawers are not too heavy). If you are looking to transport washing machines, the first thing you should do is secure the spring mounted motors. Next, in order to prevent damage, brace the tub. Do not forget to disconnect the hoses and keep them separately sealed. If you are looking to transport refrigerators, then ensure that you have properly defrosted and dried it. You could even use the inside space for bulky, but light weight goods like soft toys and pillows. Do not plug the refrigerated back immediately, wait for a day. Choose small boxes if you are transporting books. Place the books horizontally, not vertically. There is a chance of the spine breaking if you place the books vertically. Make sure you do not pack hardcovers with fragile items.

These are a few tips for packaging your items when you are looking for moving to a new place.

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