Transportation Process

Through the years, we have created a transportation flow that ensures that the goods that we transport reach the destination safely and on time. We consider time stipulation and act on the work flow accordingly.

The goods that we transport can be sent via cargo, air and railway. The process is decided keeping in mind the distance as well as the urgency of the customers. If the customer wishes to send the goods as early as possible, we will send the package via air, but if it is not that urgent, we will send it via cargo or railways.

We have a fleet of vehicles that facilitates domestic transport. We have offices in almost all major cities, so once you choose to do business with us, you will not have to face any difficulties.

We offer door to door services. Our team comes to the client’s homes and assist them in packaging the goods in a way that would help keep the goods safe. Next the goods are loaded and arranged in the transport vehicle so that the goods are not damaged in any way in transit. We even unload and unpack the goods at the receiver’s place to ensure that the goods reach at their destination in their present state.

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